Vind de bijbaan die aansluit bij jouw studie, ambities en dromen.


The company

We believe data will eventually bring us closer to understanding the core of human beings. What makes us happy? What drives us? And when we talk about us, we talk about every client, customer, employee, boss, everyone. It has become more and more obvious that what every challenge in business eventually comes down to is understanding what you can do to make the lives of your stakeholders better. That’s the core of our business

With the ever growing amount of data, the challenges will be more and more demanding and ask for solutions that require something more than experience. It will not just require hard skills like Hadoop, Spark, Java, Python, Tableau, R, Shiny, and all other tools available now and in the future, it will foremost demand creativity, foresight, analytical excellence, ethics and a high sense of responsibility to shape the future of business, politics and our complete social environment.

But what do we do?

We have set ourselves the goal to become one of the leading consulting firms for data-driven solutions. To get there, we have divided our activities into three core propositions:

Product development

We develop our own software to gather, store, craft, stir, analyse and combine data from external and internal data sources to come up with actionable insights for our customers.

Strategic consulting

We help our clients with answers to all data-related questions – even the questions that they might have not even come up with yet.

Applied consulting and operational support

We understand that not every company is able to implement complex data-solutions without the right professional guidance. Besides an advice, we think it’s necessary to also be able to provide someone who is able to implement our solution and train someone on the job.

de Droomstarters

Droomstarters works closely together with this company, to create more hands-on data scientists, whilst they are studying.


Who are you?

You study Econometrie, AI, Natuurkunde, Wiskunde. Or your dreams make you a data scientist to be. Although we define our positions as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer and BI Consultant, we try not think in standard boxes.

You love the power of data. You know that data will change everything. We will create an environment for you to learn and to work with our clients directly. Your work will become more demanding as you learn new skills and add more value.

You know that finding work after your studies may not be hard for you. But why waste your time not working on your resume whilst studying? Get a (real) job!

The work will always be a combination of working on internal projects, external (read: at the client’s office) projects, continuous development of your skills and play-time.